Class 1 
Welcome to Class 1! In Class 1 we follow and teach to 'The Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage' 
This is split into 7 areas of learning: 
The Prime Areas. 
* Communication & Language 
* Personal, Social & Emotional Development 
* Physical Development 
The Specific Areas. 
* Mathematics 
* Literacy 
* Understanding the World 
* Expressive Arts & Design. 
Our topics this year (2015/16) 
Autumn 1 - Get Moving. 
Autumn 2 - Christmas. 
Spring 1 - Icy Worlds 
Spring 2 - Easter. 
Summer - Reach for the Sky. 
There are different staff who work in Class 1 across the week so below is a table that shows who is in there and when. 
Support Staff
Miss Barker. 
Mrs Pearce and Miss Reeves (am) 
Mrs Pearce (pm) 
Miss Barker. 
Mrs Pearce and Miss Reeves (am) 
Miss Reeves (pm) 
Miss Barker. 
Mrs Pearce and Miss Reeves (am) 
Miss Reeves (pm) 
Miss Barker. 
Mrs Pearce and Miss Reeves (am) 
Mrs Pearce (pm) 
Miss Barker (am) Ms. Liddell (pm). 
Miss Reeves  
My name is Jeremy. 
I am the class bear and each week I visit someone different from the class who has been working hard or being a good class member. 
I go home with you after school and need to be returned on Monday morning or the next session you are in school. 
You can have a page in my book to write, draw or add photographs of what we do together so you can show the rest of the class. 
2015 / 2016. 
Summer Term 2016. 
This term our topic is 'Reach for the sky.' We started by looking at butterflies as this is what piqued our interest. We started with the life-cycle and then moved on and looked at the story of the very hungry caterpillar. We then used this to write our own 'Very Hungry...' stories. We were also inspired by Eric Carle's art in the book so we copied his technique and then used this to create our own caterpillar pictures. 

Our 'Very Hungry...' stories. 

Our caterpillar art inspired by Eric Carle. 

Spring Term 2016. 
This term our topic has been 'Icy Worlds'. We have been particulalry interested in polar bears and Inuits and how they live and survive in an icy world. We have been writing information books, doing icy science experiments and have been learning about shapes, capacity and measuring in Maths. 
Autumn Term 2015. 
This term our topic has been 'Get Moving'. We have been particularly interested by modes of transport and have been making models; our particular favourite have been the hot air balloons that we made from papier mache. We have been writing transport stories, starting to learn our phonics and we have also been doing a lot of number recognition work. 
Maths in the woods
Numicon exploration.
Making tracks.
Train ride walk.
Making a number book.
2014 / 2015. 
Over the last couple of weeks there has been great excitement in Class 1 as we have trying to discover the identity of the 'Number Jumbler'. The 'Number Jumbler' has been visiting the classroom at various times over the last year to jumble up the numbers on our number line to test us and see whether we can order our numbers to 20.  
So we set a trap for the' Number Jumbler'. 
The 'Number Jumbler had been caught... 
He escaped... So we needed to improve it! 
...but he escaped again and left us another note. 
We camoflaged it and added a cage to stop him escaping. 
We had to prove that we knew our numbers to 20 so we tried a variety of different ways. 
He hasn't been seen since. Do you think you know who the 'Number Jumbler' might be? 
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